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Temple Tailor Made 71" Track Arm Sofa

  • Temple Tailor Made 71" Track Arm Sofa - 5520-75  Temple Furniture builds exceptionally strong and lasting furniture in Maiden, NC.  This sofa is an example of many ways to create your own style using the Tailor Made program.  These are Temple's best selling styles and provide the best value for long-lasting quality. The lowest price point is Grade 1, but there are few, if any, fabrics at the lowest grade.  Promo fabrics are grade 2-4 that the factory offers us at a discount, and we pass those on.  Promo+ are fabrics from grades 5-9, so Promo+ offers the very best value (as well as the best selection of high performance fabrics).  Due to the frequency of changes to these programs, you'll need to see these fabrics in our store.  Please contact us for more information.  Proudly made in the USA using materials with zero flame retardants.
  • Temple Tailor Made 71" Track Arm Sofa
    Overall width: 71"
    Overall depth: 36"
    Overall height: 38"
    Arm height: 26"
    Inside seat width: 58"
    Inside seat depth: 20"
    Inside seat height: 20"
    Arm covers included: yes
    Throw pillows included: 2 x 20" square with placket zipper
    Number of seat cushions: 2 
    Number of unattached back cushions: 2
  • We enjoy favorable pricing from Temple Furniture through its Tailor Made promotion. Grade 1-10 sample fabrics shown below are great choices. Order fabric swatches of any of the ten below or hundreds of others in the online swatch store. Visit our Maine store for the widest selection of covers, including leather. Click here to view our fabric tips.  Customize this piece?
  • Limited lifetime warranty coverage along with an excellent attitude towards customer service makes Temple our favorite supplier year after year.  Proudly made in the USA using materials with zero flame retardants.  Read how your location impacts warranty service
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