Performance Fabrics

Performance Fabrics are advanced fabrics that are either woven to be stain resistant, or treated to withstand sunlight damage and the rigors of daily casual living. These can generally be classified into three categories:

  • Revolution Fabrics: Olefinic, 100% recycled polypropylene fiber "Revolution" fabrics made from recycled milk and drink bottles. None of the typical color loss and fading because color runs through and through the fibers (carrot = Revolution vs. radish = conventional dying methods for fabrics).  This is the most sustainable, eco-minded solution. Reduces landfill waste and offers strong, beautiful fabrics that are easy to care for. If spills don't come out with a gentle soap solution in water, you can apply undiluted ammonia bleach directly to these fabrics with no color or strength loss.  Watch this video and find many others on YouTube about Revolution Fabrics, our preferred way to cover new furniture for easy cleanups and care-free upholstery.
  • Crypton, LifeGuard, OptiClean, etc. This non-toxic process of roller-applied fabric finishing involves fully immersing the fabric in a stain protection solution, followed by high temperature curing.  The fabic is completely submerged and heated to fuse the stain-protecting finish to the fibers of the covering material. Fabric treated with this kind of stain protection is now widely available for other makers of upholstered furniutre to use and re-brand as their own. Treatment stays bound to the fibers throughout the life of the furniture. Spills do not soak in, but stay on the surface, making cleanup less stressful and easy.
  • Sunbrella and other solution-dyed acrylics: good for UV exposure, advertised to be spot-cleanable with mild soap and water. Their recycling program leads us to wonder whether these fabrics are environmentally friendly; we may recommend Sunbrella for high direct sun exposure areas if needed, when Revolution fabrics (see below) won't fit the need due to weight, texture, or color.  Consumers have told us that Sunbrella's advertised easy spot-cleaning at home is not what they hoped for, and that professional cleanings may or may not remove stains.  The high cost of Sunbrella fabrics, their less than stellar environmental properties, and the complaints about cleanability make this the least favorite of our performance fabric categories.  

Revolution Fabrics

Lifeguard Fabrics

Sunbrella Fabrics