At Endicott Home Furnishings, we take great pride in the exceptional quality and craftsmanship of our furniture. We have chosen suppliers we trust to stand behind us in our commitment to customer satisfaction.

We strongly discourage returns, because we prefer to spend our time helping you make the right decisions the first time, not taking and returning items over and over. It may work for shoes or software, but a return is rough on bulky items like furniture, and the re-stocking and re-inventorying of returned items is disruptive to a micro business with only one 2500 SF showroom, which is stocked well with important samples of items you are invited to custom order. No items are duplicated, and we have no warehouse, which allows us to maintain low costs and pay good wages. Instead of encouraging returns, we provide assistance so you can complete a careful, mindful selection of furniture that fits your body, space, and style.

We do not love the fact that the Internet is taking the place of face-to-face furniture shopping, which allows you to touch, check quality and construction, and most importantly, for those who really need seating that functions with proper support as well as scale, design, and spatial fit, we expect that knowing whether something will fit you properly should come from having experienced sitting in the actual furniture for half an hour or more, by which time most sorts of support needs become obvious.

We do not accept returns based on any of the following:

  • Because the furniture does not fit through an entryway or in the spot you planned to place the furniture in your home.
  • Dissatisfaction with color, size, appearance or finish.
  • Presence of a smell. Our store in Maine is known for not smelling like chemicals, the way most furniture stores do. Occasionally a consumer with a very sensitive sense of smell may complain of an odor. We make every effort to avoid toxic chemicals in all our products, but the smell of packaging may persist on the furniture, which is unavoidable particularly if we are shipping something to your home. In most cases, any lingering smell should disappear in a short time.
  • Seating fit or comfort – seating is remarkably subjective, and even thoughtful consideration of how seating fits you in our store can result in mistaken orders. All our seating is custom built to order, unless you purchase a floor model. (See below for floor models) Custom orders cannot be cancelled once the order has been submitted to our factory partners. See CUSTOM ORDERS section below.

Valid reasons for returning merchandise purchased at our physical store in Maine, or via our website:

  • Defective materials used in the construction of the furniture
  • Defective workmanship discovered at the time of receipt or within 3 days of acceptance which cannot be repaired locally
  • Damage too extensive to be remedies locally, caused by transporting the furniture to your home. If the damage is possible to repair locally, it will likely result in a professional solution done timely, rather than shipping back to the factory for a repair or replacement which could take 6-10 weeks including shipping.

If a return is permitted for reason above, or because management has made an exception, returns are subject to these important conditions:

  • To be eligible for a return, your item must be unused and in the same condition that you received it. It must also be in the original packaging.
  • We do not sell used furniture, nor can we accept any items showing damage, wear or use.
  • We reserve the right to issue a store credit in lieu of a refund.
  • Proof of purchase is required for store credit or a refund.
  • A return authorization is required in advance of sending anything back to our store or to the factory, warehouse, or distributor.
  • Consumer is responsible for any and all expenses related to properly packaging parts or entire furniture pieces to be returned for credit or refund.
  • The cost of shipping by parcel service, US Mail, or truck transport is solely the responsibility of the consumer. All shipments must be insured at the full purchase cost paid.
  • Upon return, the merchandise will be inspected, and exchanges, credits and refunds will be issued for the purchase price only. Any taxes paid will be refunded according to state and local laws. Shipping charges are non-refundable with the exception of damaged or defective merchandise. Re-stocking fees of 40% may apply.
  • Pack your return securely and be sure to ship it via insured US Mail or parcel carrier. Retain your shipping receipt for your records.
  • We only replace items if they are defective or damaged. If you need to exchange it for the same item, send us an email at


We carefully inspect each item when received it is received at our store, note any defects or damage when it is offered at a discount, and we also require your inspection and signature when picking up or upon delivery.  If, however, you should discover a material defect in your merchandise, please contact us at 207-883-3264 immediately.

Floor models are sold as-is, final sale, without exchange or refund.  Most often we are discounting an item to encourage local purchase so we can refresh the store and update our offerings, not due to defect or damage. 

Because we run a custom order store, and our samples are what we use to generate our orders, we may require a floor model to remain here at the store until its replacement arrives. 

It is not possible to reserve any floor model without a non-refundable deposit of at least 50% of the discounted price. The balance is payable upon pickup or delivery, which must be arranged within 10 days of the arrival of the floor model’s replacement, if applicable, or within 2 weeks of the deposit date.



We accept returns for Non-Furniture Items within 30 days, with proof of purchase. Restocking charges of 40% or an administrative fee for accounting and inventorying of not less than $35 may apply.



Custom orders, particularly of upholstery items, begin production immediately upon order and are built to meet your choice of style, cover, finish, and other details. Orders cannot be cancelled, changed, returned or refunded at any time. A non-refundable 50% deposit will be taken when the order is placed.  The balance must be paid in full prior to scheduling delivery (or pickup of eligible items).

Once you place your order for upholstery, you have up to 24 hours to change or cancel. After 24 hours, your 50% deposit is nonrefundable. The 24-hour time frame begins as soon as you place your order in a store; for online orders, the 24-hour time frame begins once you confirm your fabric selection with a Customer Service representative via email or telephone.

For upholstery orders canceled within 24 hours, an exchange, credit or refund will be issued for the item(s) and any taxes due to be refunded in accordance with Maine state law. We do not provide cash refunds.

If an upholstery item arrives with a manufacturing defect or damage caused during transit, we will arrange a local repair or replace the defective or damaged area, or if that’s not possible, we will arrange to replace your order as soon as possible.  We will make every effort to avoid the inconvenience of going without any furniture as your replacement is built and shipped, but in all cases, we reserve the right to determine the appropriate course of action.

Website ‘Showroom Models’ Sale Policies

  • All sales are subject to physical inventory availability. Due to both online and in-store activity, a floor model may become unavailable and our ability to update the website timely may give the appearance of an item being available after it has been sold. We make every effort to be prompt and accurate with our website maintenance, however we will not be responsible for any errors, omissions, or incorrect information on this website.
  • All website showroom model sales merchandise is sold as-is; all sales are final. No returns accepted, and repairs, if performed, will be billed on a case by case basis.
  • Discounts are calculated from the higher of list prices or current store prices.
  • Pricing applies to the specific item shown on the web site only.
  • Showroom model sales merchandise pricing and/or discounts cannot be combined with any other discounts or promotional offers.
  • Merchandise may be priced according to quality, which varies by brand, and in some cases, within a line (such as oak cocktail table vs. cherry, due to materials costs).  Other reasons for discounting include the discontinuation of a style or material used in construction (i.e. a particular color or finish), or if we determine the item is not selling well enough to justify taking up precious space on our small retail showroom floor in Maine.
  • Merchandise reduced due to damage will be fully disclosed to the extent of our knowledge.
  • Cash, debit and check payment may be required on items priced at extreme discount levels. This is due to the growing cost of credit cards charges we pay (including for your rewards points) on all credit card transactions, which are unnecessarily punitive when we are liquidating merchandise at below cost.
  • Any parts, pieces, or materials may not be available; we will always try to help to the extent possible to source needed parts or service, though we are not obligated to provide any assistance with final sale items.
  • It is solely the consumer’s responsibility to ensure merchandise will fit through doorways, hallways, and into the spot you want the furniture to go in your home.
  • When collecting your paid merchandise from our warehouse(s), consumers must come properly prepared to lift, wrap, and protect the merchandise from the elements and from any shifting or damage that may occur during transport. Consumers are required to bring ample physical labor to load, secure and transport their own merchandise.
  • Any physical assistance provided by our staff to load or secure furniture in a vehicle is provided as a free service on an as-available basis only. Contacting our store in advance of picking up greatly improves the likelihood that your furniture will be ready for pickup when you plan to collect it, and that we may have available staff to assist you. 
  • Delivery is available for a fee to nearly any destination. We encourage you to request quotes from local delivery companies before requesting our delivery services.  We only use licensed, professional moving services that are properly insured, pay better than average workers a living wage, insurance, and train their staff in safety and customer service to deliver our furniture. Good furniture is not inexpensive, and good delivery services are not free or without significant cost. We value our consumers, their property, and their concerns. If you value the well-being of those who work for you, and know the real costs of moving, you’ll find our rates acceptable.


All prices in in our store and on our website are shown in US dollars. All transactions are subject to applicable taxes according to state and local rates. Availability, prices and delivery rates are subject to change without notice.



We are a small business doing great things, often for people both near and far. Mistakes will be made. We may make errors in prices, descriptions or photographic representation of merchandise from time to time.  If we make such an error, we reserve the right to refuse to sell the item(s) in question.