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Since opening in 2004, Endicott Home has been dedicated to creating well-made, non-toxic furnishings for living well in smaller spaces.  Every piece has been thoughtfully designed with comfort, scale and sustainability in mind. Our own Condo Sofa upholstery line is crafted in North Carolina without harmful toxins like flame retardants or added formaldehyde.  We understand how subjective seating preferences can be, and how challenging it can be to blend design elements to create a comfy setting, so we offer customization to a single chair or hardwood furniture piece to help you make the most of home. As a family run business based in Maine, we are passionate in our belief that the choices we make about how we live now will make a big difference in our environment for future generations.  Whether you live in a spacious home or are downsizing to a condo or apartment, Condo Furniture by Endicott Home is furniture that you can feel good about having in your home.  

Healthy Living in Smaller Spaces

Healthy Living

February 08, 2016

No added formaldehyde. No carcinogenic, chemical flame retardants. We were first to voluntarily remove harmful chemical flame retardants from our designs, because it was the right thing to do. Endicott family accepting PreventHarm.org's Award for Business Leadership at the 2015 Celebration for Healthy Families in Portland, Maine Our affordably non-toxic (not certified organic) construction, and our flexible designs differentiate us from more expensive certified organic furniture, and from the more rigid designs that drive other furniture stores' order fulfillment models. Smaller spaces are harder to furnish than more spacious homes where you might have a room for each activity.  Often, smaller spaces require consolidating several activities into one area, with functional areas within sight of other living quarters. Energy efficiency in colder weather and staying cool...

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