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February 11, 2019 5 min read

"Custom furniture” can mean different things to different people. For some, being able to pick the perfect fabric from our collection of hundreds of eco-friendly, sustainable and easy to clean fabrics is “custom” enough. Other clients need a sofa to solve a cumbersome design challenge – one that requires specific dimensions not readily available. We are happy to be able to offer “custom” solutions to these scenarios – and so many more.

The good news is, most people can walk into our store and find exactly what they are looking for without extensive customization. With years of experience helping our clientele design sofas, sectionals and recliners for smaller spaces, we have worked with our manufacturers to create the Condo Sofa Collection. The Condo Sofa Collection addresses the most common design challenges for smaller spaces – providing the right scale while delivering on comfort, function and superior design. In addition to the Condo Sofa line, we are proud retailers of Temple Furniture – quality pieces, made in the USA, with a wide variety of customizations built into the design, from sofa legs to seat cushion design, to fabric, to arm styles.

With those two options, we find that 80 percent of our customers find exactly what they are looking for without extensive customizations. But for those who don’t find exactly what they looking for, we provide unparalleled services for creating unique furniture, customizable-by-the-inch. Our clients choose to purchase custom furniture for many reasons, from health and wellness to design and comfort. Regardless of the reason, the sense of satisfaction at the completion of a project comes from the same place – we love to build the perfect piece of furniture for a home whether is a summer cottage, a year-round farmhouse, a condo or an apartment. Furniture should be a balance of beauty, comfort and lifestyle; none of which should be compromised.

5 Reasons Custom Furniture is Right for You

Custom Furniture Works in your Unique Space


Whether you live in a condo in the city or a home on the ocean or in the woods, spaces are unique and finding furniture to fit in your unique space can be challenging. Working with the space you have means choosing furniture that enables you to work, eat, relax, or entertain. Furniture can make the difference between an unused space and a favorite place – that’s why customizing your sofa or chair might be just what it needed to create a perfect balance of beauty and comfort in your home.

We offer a customize-your-furniture-by-the-inch option.  Perhaps you have a windowsill that you would like your sofa not to be taller than.  We can make the height meet your exact measurement. If you have a nook that you’d like to fit a sofa in to, we can easily do that with our customize-by-the-inch option.

Here is an example of a customer who desired a smaller scaled sofa to fit snug under a sill to avoid obstructing their ocean view. She customized the sofa height-by-the-inch.  She also decided to change the length of the sofa to match the width of the window, and added a waterfall skirt for style.

A customized sofa from our Condo Furniture Collection sitting pretty under a large window in Maine.

Customize to Fit Your Body and Your Home

Furniture that is good for your health?  Yes! Furniture that fits your body is good for your health. Our design process asks what you need from your sofa or chair – the firmness that best suits your joints, the type of cushions that promotes your ideal posture, the seat height best suited for your frame – whether you are petite or tall, or somewhere between. These considerations can make all the difference in the comfort of your new furniture.

Choosing the right sized sofa can help seniors, as we build furniture that is easy to sit down in and get up from.  Customized sofas and chairs can help people with chronic pain issue, such as back or joint pain, by adding just the right lumbar support. Your sofa or chair should fit YOUR body and lifestyle, and this is especially true as we age sand discover where we need a little more space or firmness.

Below is an example of a customer who designed “his and hers” chairs.  In this case, the woman was petite, and her husband quite tall. They chose an environmentally friendly fabric made from recycled milk bottles and cleanable with water.  Not only do they fit the people that use them, they’re made from recycled materials, with no chemicals added, and they resist sunlight and clean easily, too. Safe for the body, and great for the planet.

His and her customized chairs to accommodate different sizes and preferences.

Custom Furniture is Good for Design

The sofa or chair your purchase will become a fixture of your home.  It is an extroverted piece of furniture – where you will welcome guests to sit and visit, and an introverted piece – where you find respite at the end of the day.  Your furniture should complement its surroundings and fit your design aesthetic. From the final dimensions to your fabric choice (pattern & texture) to the finish colors for the legs, all are important considerations to make for your perfect piece of furniture.  It is also important to consider the quality of materials and construction that go into your furniture. We use top quality foam without chemical flame retardants, sustainably harvested wood for frames, and 8-way hand-tied recycled steel spring construction to ensure long lasting comfort.

Here, a bench seat cushion is chosen over split cushions to be a wonderful napping spot.  Its simple lines also work well in this small island home.A three piece set with custom sofa and matching chairs.

Custom Does Not Mean Expensive and Should Not Take Forever to Build

One common misconception about custom furniture is that it is prohibitively expensive.  While we don’t try to compete with discount furniture chains, we do believe our custom sofas offer value beyond what you can find at a typical furniture store. Your custom sofa is crafted in the United States and built just for you!  And because it is customizable-by-the inch, you don’t have to compromise. Prices may vary but one frame change can cost as little as $300.00.

Another misconception about custom furniture is that it takes too long to build.  It does add a little time to customize your piece - perhaps a week or more, depending on complexity - but it is well worth it.  We talk to customers over and over who are so thankful they took the time to really understand their needs. In the end, their research and patience paid off.  They have a beautifully constructed piece of furniture made just for them. It was well worth the extra couple of weeks in wait time. It takes about 12 weeks to have a piece customized-by-the-inch (frame change).  A cushion change should only take the normal 8-10 weeks. 

Custom Furniture is Perfect (for You)

We love solving problems with thoughtful design, and we have created more than a dozen models now in our Condo Sofa Collection to meet your smaller space needs.  We listened to clients and friends over the years to develop a collection of pieces that are well designed, comfortable, and built for long lasting use. Best of all, even our modifications are covered by an exceptional limited lifetime warranty covering the important parts of the furniture you can’t even see.  Visit us soon, to experience designs that are just right for you and your lifestyle.

This family chose a smartly designed Oscar sofa with a durable, cleanable cover, then increased depth by 2” and height by 1” to better fit their bodies.  Now it’s a great place to lounge, read, and entertain, and it’s safe and to be durable for their 2 young growing children.Our Oscar sofa, customized to fit the needs of a young family.