About Us


We relocated to Maine about 15 years ago after travelling extensively for work and play. We wanted to raise children and regain a lifestyle more in tune with personal values of placing family ahead of career ambition, modern conservation, income self-reliance, and escape from bustle. After over a decade of working closely with the unmet needs of furniture shoppers, we have quite an unusual little furniture store with capabilities not usually found in retail furniture settings. Late in 2015, we were recognized for our efforts to reduce toxins in our furniture designs ahead of a national trend that has made many people more aware of potentially serious health threats from unnecessary chemicals in household furnishings. None of our furniture is made using chemical flame retardants, and most is constructed in small shops and factories here in the USA. It’s just the right thing to do. We hope our offerings are relevant, comfortable, and attractive, while also being affordable and built to last.



About 47% of Americans want to sit on a sofa or chair before buying. We wouldn’t want it any other way, but that also means more than half of Americans would buy a sofa sight unseen. Most who look at a store before going there just need an idea of selection and price, and most online shoppers like simplicity. Our site shows just a bit of what we can do if you can come into our store. We offer local and remote delivery services, but not all furniture items can ship directly from the shops where they are made.

If you are close enough to visit, you should. Those who come into our store are rewarded with a fuller range of models and options we don’t show online. We never hurry you (nobody here earns a commission for any sale) and will share our deep product knowledge and experience working with small space solutions until you can feel confident you are making the right choice.

Our website displays merchandise available in three category views for you to look through: in-store only, online only, and both. Be sure to take note that we offer different warranty and service for online and remote sales.


We show a limited number of fabric covers on our website. We have many hundreds more to see in our store, where we maintain the most up-to-date selections. If you don’t see what you like online, call us at 207-883-3264 or email info@condofurniture.com and we can help you look online at more options. Cuttings can then be ordered online through our Swatch Store or we can help you over the phone.


Because we are a traditional store with Maine sensibilities, we’ll confirm details with you before we rush to execute larger online orders. We may need to speak with you to confirm certain order details before we will put the order into production. You may be asked to approve a fabric or leather sample before we begin production. Please provide accurate contact information and allow some extra time for this process. In our experience, it helps us steer you away from expensive and avoidable mistakes. All online orders are subject to our online order terms and conditions.


Many more options exist in the store, from finishes to textures and customization. Be sure to take note of whether the items you view online can be shipped; most wood furniture items are available only within our local delivery area. We can accommodate those who want custom furniture shipped, but in most cases items may need to be delivered to our store for inspection, carefully packing, and then ship out to you – not the least expensive, but certainly a careful process worthy of the finer craftsmanship we offer.


We have access to far more than what’s online, and more than we would put on the floor if we have ten times as much showroom space. Visit us, or if that’s not possible, contact us with your dream list, photos, dimensions, etc. We create one of a kind furniture items that combine the different functions you need into one piece, like a hutch with a display shelves and touch lights that might hide a turntable underneath, or beds with hidden storage, bookcases with pull-out working surfaces, drop leaf tables in unusual sizes… We put past experience to work when we design with you. You’re free to opt out of many of the available options, but why not consider the possibilities?



Because we deal with many vendors across the USA, some of whom work in very traditional fashion, lead times can vary from 2-4 weeks for the readily available items to over 8 weeks for upholstery and hardwood furniture orders.  Customizations usually increase the lead times, depending on complexity – every order is different and production times vary with seasons and overall order volume. We’ll work to keep you apprised and always be available to answer questions, help make special arrangements, and make receipt of your order as straightforward and trouble free as possible. Be sure to take into consideration extra time needed for long distance deliveries; we need to move out orders as they come in, because we don’t have space available for storing orders or inventory – everything must move quickly to make room for the next shipment.


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