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February 05, 2016 2 min read

Common Customizations:

  • Add a skirt
  • Contrast piping
  • Firmer seat cushions
  • Down wrapped cushions
  • Change cushion configuration or make a single bench seat cushion
  • Taller legs to get up easier
  • Change seat depth for better back support
  • Alter back height (lower or higher)
  • Make legs removable (if not already made that way)


Alter the size to fit your space.

Adjust ergonomically to fit your body and promote good posture.

Combine elements to define your own look or style.

Or why not do all three to create one ideal piece of furniture?


Ever come across the right thing, but the dimensions are just a bit off? Or find something you love, but it's too deep, too low, too squishy, or too firm? Wouldn't it be great if you could get the 84" sofa made just 78" wide, with a waterfall skirt, bench seat cushion, and down wrapped cushion inserts? We can do that for you easily.  

At Endicott Home, we understand that smaller spaces come with big challenges. Where you might have had one room for one or two activities, in a smaller home with fewer rooms, each room needs to serve several activities. Furnishings should be chosen carefully, incorporating features that balance function and beauty, since fewer items fit in a smaller home.

Customization need not be cost-prohibitive; in most cases only a minor fee from the shop or factory covers one or several changes. While a complex change may need to be quoted, we have done a great range of alterations, and welcome your requests to make something we offer differently.

Sometimes our bodies change and we need support, or to be able to stand  up easily.  Getting good back support with both feet flat on the floor should be easy enough to find, but most furniture today is too deep, too soft, and too bulky for efficient, smaller space living.

For best results, visit the store with a happy belly, no pending appointments or distractions on the horizon, wear cute socks and come with a great read. Most of us can abide an awkward seat for a few minutes. If you spend at least 30 minutes in a chair or sofa without trying to adjust for comfort or support, you may have found a contender!  Or perhaps we need to quote a new version of something we already do. If that's the case, click a link below for each piece of furniture we need to quote changes for.

Request a quote:

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