Natalie Swivel Chair

  • Natalie Swivel Chair - 99315-S  The Non-toxic Natalie swivel looks much like the Michaela, but has a different frame and inner support system. Michaela chairs have the same overall outer dimensions, but where the seat narrows toward the back on Michaela models, it tapers less toward the back on this Natalie, offering more room inside. Also, the lower back lumbar support present in Michaela is absent from Natalie, making it even deeper and roomier than Michaela at the same scale.
  • 99315-S Natalie Swivel Chair
    Overall width: 31"
    Overall depth: 33"
    Overall height: 31"
    Arm height: 24"
    Inside seat width: 23"
    Inside seat depth: 21"
    Inside seat height: 19"
    Arm covers included: yes
    Throw pillows included: no
    Number of seat cushions: 1 
    Number of unattached back cushions: 0
  • Grade 1-10 sample fabrics shown below are great choices. Order fabric swatches of any of the ten below or hundreds of others in the online swatch store. Visit our Maine store for the widest selection of covers, including leather. Click here to view our fabric tips.   Customize this piece?

    Fabric Grade Price Fabric Grade Price Fabric Grade Price
    1 $962 7 $1082 13 $1202
    2 $982 8 $1102 14 $1222
    3 $1002 9 $1122 15 $1242
    4 $1022 10 $1142 16 $1262
    5 $1042 11 $1162 17 $1282
    6 $1062 12 $1182
  • Compare our Condo Sofa warranty details to any upholstery line, domestic or imported, and you'll see how proud we are of what we offer and that we're eager to support your furniture needs well beyond your purchase: Limited lifetime warranty of frame, springs and seat cushion cores. Click here for details. Warranty Service is limited to what we can reasonably provide, based on where the furniture ends up.  Read how your location impacts warranty service
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