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Home Office

Woman working from a well designed home office.

Condo Furniture by Endicott Home is proud to announce our new custom line of home office furniture - custom built to fit your unique needs.

Home Office Furniture You Can LIVE With

As a family owned furniture store for nearly 15 years, we have first hand experience with the changing way people use their homes. With increased portability of jobs, more and more people are able to live in New England and telecommute to corporate headquarters, build thriving consulting practices, or operate a side gig after their 9 to 5. There are so many reasons to have a home office, but if you work from home, it is essential to have a workspace that adds to your quality of life.

Custom Home Office Solutions from Condo Furniture can:

  • Make the most of a small space
  • Create convertible spaces in a guest room, kitchen, or multipurpose area
  • Create functional study space for kids and teens
  • Provide separation from work and home life
  • Add efficiency and ease of use
  • Create necessary storage for home office supplies, electronics and hardware without sacrificing good design
  • Work with the aesthetic of your home design
  • Streamline your workflow and eliminate clutter

Your Home Office Solution can Include:

  • Custom cabinets and storage solutions
  • Freestanding, custom built furniture
  • Tables customized to the inch to fit YOUR space
  • Drafting tables and solutions for creative industries
  • Technologically enabled design
  • Murphy beds
  • Secure document storage
  • It's your home office! You know what you need - let us know how we can help.

Getting Started

The best way to get started with your custom office is to visit our showroom, or give us a call. Endicott Home owner and furniture designer Ross Endicott will walk you through the process and help you understand the value added when you custom design a home office that meets your exact needs. You will never get a sales pitch, just an honest consultation that helps assess your needs and offers ergonomic, beautiful solutions for your work space. We look forward to talking with you.