Condo Sofa + Temple Furniture 2020 Sale Details

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Condo Sofa and Temple Furniture 

Sale Details: NOW THRU JULY 4!!!

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Let's just make it an ongoing sale, shall we?

With support from the fine folks at Temple Furniture in NC, we now offer our "up to 20% off" deal on all Temple Furniture and Condo Sofa orders through July 4, 2020!

In fifteen years of running these factory authorized sales, we have nemer been permitted to further discount our year-round special offers on certain promotions.  Now, even those items we were not allowed to discount further will be even better priced - an additional 5% off those best-sellers we call Tailor Made.  We'll post a way to find these easily as well.

Our March sale was interrupted by the COVID-19 pandemic, and we remained closed right into our Mother's Day sale.  We're officially closed through the end of May, but are ready with sanitized surroundings and plenty of space to safely allow limited numbers in our store at one time.  We will post our protocols, which will include masks, gloves, handling of sales materials, and updated delivery and pick up procedures.

In addition to the custom order sale below, which applies only to our Condo Sofa designs and designs by Temple Furniture, we have many floor models and clearance items available.  Standard discounts apply on Best chairs (5% off for two or more) and any custom dining order (10% off when ordering a minumum of 4 chairs and a table together).

Discounts apply to ORDERS placed through the end of day March 31st, 2020 for Condo Sofa upholstery designs and Temple Furniture only:

1 piece order 10% off   *   2 pieces order 15% off   *   3 or more piece order 20% off

  • Average production lead time is around 6-8 weeks (not exactly sure what timing is like after this pandemic started but we will be watching closely to keep you apprised), not including holidays; home delivery may add a week or two to the lead time: we do not promise delivery dates. Custom changes add to lead times and are subject to factory approval; discounts exclude custom changes.
  • Custom changes and leather require longer lead times and higher deposits. Leather may require a sample leather approval.
  • All orders are built on demand; no returns, exchanges, or refunds; cancelled orders forfeit deposit.
  • Delivery may be deferred up to 6 months, but deposit must be paid when order is submitted, factory may build orders to fill production capacity
  • Multiple items must ship together and deliver to one address to be eligible for discount.
  • If specific dimensions or delivery dates are requested, we need this in writing on our sales order form. 
  • These sales order discounts are not to be used in combination with other discount or sale offers.
  • Floor model and clearance items are often one of a kind, please note some items may not leave until the end of our sale.
  • We do not ship floor models or clearance items outside our local delivery area
  • Some floor models may not leave during the sale, please ask if we can let a piece go before its replacement arrives.
  • Clearance and certain deeply discounted items are clearly marked "cash, check or debit only"; checks must clear before merchandise leaves the store.
  • No clearance or floor models held without minimum 50% nonrefundable deposit; remaining balance & arrangements for delivery/pickup must be made within 2 weeks of deposit or purchase.
  • Floor models and discounted stock items (including any and all clearance items) are sold AS-IS, as a FINAL SALE, no exchanges, refunds or returns allowed.
  • If a sold floor model is damaged after a deposit is made, we will make our best effort to repair or replace, depending on availability.

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