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What are OCS finishes?

Custom corner office desk and hutches in OCS finish 113 on maple

Ohio Certified Stains (OCS) are standardized, high-quality stains used by the Amish furniture finishers across Ohio, and now by many in Indiana and Pennsylvania.  The Amish specialize and complement each other, dividing their abilities into defined silos like bedroom, office, dining, and entertainment.  Chairs are a real specialty, and some shops focus on one thing like live edge farm tables. 

Standardization is particularly useful for our store, because we assist many people furnish an open concept smaller home with pieces from several shops.  Stains of consistent quality and tone make it possible to order at different times the various pieces needed to outfit a home, so that consumers can match finishes on mutliple pieces from different Amish craftsmen and have a superior, high quality result.

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