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Temple Fabric Page Details

These tips help you to get the most information from Temple Furniture website pages:

Fabric Name consists of the Pattern Name first, followed by the "colorway" title. There may be more colors to the pattern that the one shown.

Fabric Details:

Fabric Grade: If purchasing a promotional item in a promotional fabric, grade does not matter. When not part of a promotion, this grade ties to each piece of built furniture through the amount of fabric needed.  Fabrics cost differently to produce. As fabric is the highest cost component of any sofa or chair and is the most visible feature, the selection determines the price.  The durability may also adversely impact its longevity and, therefore, its underlying factory warranty.  An expensive fabric that is not durable may be doubly expensive if it wears out prematurely.  On the other end of the sensibility spectrum, a sofa built in a super durable, but inexpensive fabric will certainly extend the life of the fabric and Temple's lifetime warranty (based on the condition of the fabric a the time of the claim).

Swatch #: This is a reference for the factory and our store so we can locate the fabric on our swatch rack quickly.

Cleaning Code: This indicator tells you whether you need petroleum solvents to spot clean and deep clean the upholstery, or whether water based cleaners may be used.  Here in Maine, many accidents will occur in months when you don't want to leave the windows open for toxic solvents to dissipate after a cleaning.  We eschew chemicals inside the house and recommend fabrics that can be easily kept in good shape with water-based cleaners.  

Repeat: This info is only going to appear on patterned fabrics. The repeat is the measurement of the pattern itself before it begins to repeat itself, i.e. V 2.16" X H 1.24" indicates a smaller pattern that repeats vertically each 2.16" and horizontally each 1.24".

Double Rubs: This is a durability metric.  Labs measure durability using an industry standard test whereby the fabric is placed on a stationary surface while a second surface is rubbed against it until the fabric shows noticeable wear or pilling. 15,000 double rubs is considered heavy duty for residential home furnishings covers.

Orientation: How the fabric is made and put on 54" wide rolls matters most if you have any panel or part wider than the fabric.  The orientation of a pattern therefore matters on a piece with longer stretches of open covering, like the back of a sofa or sectional, or the inside back of a tightback (no loose cushions).  If the orientation is up-the-bolt and you have a wide panel somewhere, there will be seams in the fabric.

Fabric Contents: The "ingredients" that go into creating the fabric. Not included in this list of materials is whether or not the fabric has a latex backing to keep it from unraveling, which is common on imported fabrics and some domestically produced. Any additional treatments like fabric stain protection are also not listed in this section. NOTE: None of our fabrics have chemical flame retardants applied to them.

Color: Arbitrarily defined by the people at Temple Furniture in Maiden, NC, this is a color classification that is helpful if you want to find other fabric that are similar.  If you copy and paste this into the search bar at the top of the Temple Furniture website, you will see a result set that includes all the fabrics in that color category.

Pattern: While it may be obvious to you whether there is a pattern or not, such as a solid fabric with no orientation visible, there are other types of patterns.  Like the "Color" above, if you copy these and paste in the search area of Temple's website pages, you will see a result set that inculdes all the other similar patterns.


Download Hi-Res: If you click on this link, you will see a dialog box appear asking where you want to save the high resolution photo of either the fabric or the piece of furniture.  Helpful if you need to share the image with others involved with design elements in your project, or for reference when not on the website.

Tearsheet: A "tear sheet" is a product escription document that usually contains photos, measurements, details. If you click on this link, you will see a dialog box appear asking where you want to save the tearsheet for the product on that page. The tear sheet could be for an ottoman or a fabric, and will have details for that particular web page's offering.


Coordinating items shows you other fabrics suggested by the professionals at Temple's Fabric Department.

COMMENTS/Also available: Shows up on product pages, not on fabric, but very useful. This line is often prefaced with an arrow icon pointing upward, indicating there's something hidden!  Click on the upward arrow, and it turns downward and whatever additional ifo you need will be expanded so you can click on it.