SURYA rugs website tips

Prices are not shown on the consumer website, but we can readily quote any items you are interested in, including non-rug decorative items. For rugs, we just need the product code, but it is always good to include the collection name and size, so we can be sure we are quoting the right rug.


Using the SURYA website, there are search fliters on the left side.  Be mindful that fewer criteria will yield wider results, and there are 26000 rugs in SURYA's line as of a few years ago!  More filters, fewer things to compare, but you may unwittingly filter out things that would interest you.


SURYA's  print catalog is careful to have very accurate color representation, but viewing colors on screens can be less than ideal.  We'd be glad to lend the catalog to you.



SURYA makes rugs all over the world.  They ship to us from Atlanta most of the tme, and arrive in about a week when in stock.


We asked SURYA about a stink when we would occasionally unwrap and set up a rug for customers in the past.  That was at the height of our fight to rid Maine and the US of flame retardants in the foam of our upholstery.  We did finally receive a statement in writing from SURYA that their rugs are made with no added formaldehyde and no flame retardants.  We concluded the stink came from the plastic packaging, though not always a strong smell, it was enough to cause a sensitive nose (mine) some discomfort.  If you feel it would be prudent, we can unwrap the rug here and hang it in the store room for a few days/weeks to make certain any of that is dissipated before installing indoors.


The website does show for each rug:

  • sizes the rug comes in standard
  • quantity of each size that is in stock
  • quantity of incomnig pieces with arrival date
  • whether custom sizes can be ordered

Samples are available for $25.  Expressing a sample is very expensive but sometimes worthwhile.  In the site's CLEARANCE secion you may find an incredible value with fast-dwindling inventory.  In that case, we have found it practical to order overnight delivery, for around $85, to save many hundreds on a clearance rug. 


That pretty much covers the site's features you will be using for rug searching.  Let me know if we can be of help!