Whether the issue is small or major, we want to hear from you and do our best to help you get the most from your furniture purchase. The old proverb, “a stitch in time saves nine” applies to furniture at any price point (meaning that by dealing with a small problem today, you'll avoid costlier repairs in the future.)

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If located outside our local service area, please see the section below. Within our local service area, which is loosely defined as within one hour driving time from our store in Scarborough, Maine, we will honor the full warranty service of each manufacturer and often exceed that service with our own voluntary services.  To learn whether your furniture is located within about an hour’s drive from our store, see the Google map within the location section of this website and click on the blue “directions” icon, enter your address in the “Choose starting point…” section. The map will indicate the average driving time.



Options for outside service area repairs:

  • Transport the furniture to our store for repairs, and take it back within 72 hours of completing repairs to avoid handling and storage fees. If a repair cannot be completed where the furniture is, and the item needs to be brought back to the store for repairs, that transportation back to the store is not covered under warranty. (Because we are a very small business with no extra storage space, we cannot store furniture orders once received, nor can we store furniture that has been repaired. Our policy is to keep all used furniture separate from new, so once repairs are completed, furniture must be picked up within 72 hours of notification by phone and/or email. Alternatively, delivery may be arranged, but we charge for re-delivery. Contact store for additional information and delivery rates. Storage and handling fees will apply after 72 hours from notification that repairs are completed.)
  • Pay our local delivery team to come get the furniture to bring it back to our store for repairs. We will make every effort to arrange a timely pickup if our vehicles are in the vicinity, but cannot guarantee a free return to our store. Similarly, upon completing the repairs, if we have a vehicle headed in your area, we will do all we can to reduce or eliminate any expense to you. We want you to be pleased with our service and our products.
  • Work with us to resolve the issue using parts we obtain for you and a local furniture repair technician. We absolutely want to help you get the most out of your furniture, but in many cases, your help is required to locate local professionals, obtain estimates, decide which is best, and cover all expenses not covered under warranty, including packing and shipping furniture to be repaired at the manufacturer, if that should be necessary. Because we often can’t determine the full extent of repairs required without being on site, and because you may not be sufficiently qualified or willing to diagnose what is needed without a furniture technician’s help, we will do all we can to assist, but cannot be solely responsible for finding the right resources and managing the proper course of action. Our role would be supportive, but your schedule and execution of research and follow through would be vital to an acceptable outcome. 


Endicott Home Furnishings provide repair services subject to the following conditions:

Furniture was purchased from Endicott Home | (“EHF”)

EHF originally delivered the furniture to its present location.  If we did not deliver the furniture to its present location where it needs service, or if it is necessary to return the furniture to our store for service or repair, we must charge for people and vehicle for both pickup and re-delivery to and from our store. This applies to both warranty and out-of-warranty repairs.

Timing of repair appointments is entirely subject to the availability of our expert furniture repair technician, who is a very qualified, personable and hard-working independent contractor – we do not set his schedule, and we do not share his information publicly.

The customer agrees to cover the repair technician’s travel and on-site time and materials, as well as any reimbursable travel expenses such as tolls, ferry and bridge fees, etc.

Actual cost of parts and labor may be covered under manufacturer’s warranty, however an initial visit to ascertain the nature of a problem and parts needed may be required and likely is not covered by any of the product warranties, especially when customer’s furniture location is distant from our store location. 

Any decision to offer out-of-warranty services or to provide travel and service expenses free of charge is solely at the discretion of EHF management.

Any decision or commitment by the repair technician to address repairs or service unrelated to furniture purchased from EHF is not covered by any policy, insurance, or other consumer protection by EHF and EHF accepts no responsibility for any aspect or result of such arrangements between customers and the repair technician.