Order Policy

Dimensions should fit your body as well as your space. We do not guarantee comfort; Comfort is a very subjective part of buying upholstered seating. While we offer the ability to purchase online, we do not recommend buying something you are not certain will fit you ergonomically. Only sitting for a period of around 30 minutes in a piece of furniture can indicate whether the design is a good personal fit.

We strongly advise that you request and approve of fabric samples. Visiting our store to experience fabrics first hand is always the best way.  If that is neither convenient nor possible, we can send cuttings of fabrics available for you to see them in your own home. There is no provision for returning custom order furniture for any reason except for transit damage, manufacturing error, or manufacturing defect.  The best way to be certain you will enjoy your purchase is to request and approve of a cutting any time before we place the furniture into production at the factory.

Orders placed online often go to destinations far from our local service area. We quote delivery by white glove inside delivery services to most of the lower 48 US.  These charges are NOT reflected in any online order on this website, and must be billed separately.  During this time we can discuss and confirm any order details to ensure we are ordering just what you want.

The delivery details you provide are the basis for rate quotes provided for inside home delivery.  Full disclosure of all relevant details on our detailed delivery quote form should ensure no additional charges above our quoted home delivery fee for furniture delivery. Should the home delivery team experience delays or additional time due to undisclosed circumstances, you agree to pay in full any additional charges for home delivery over the quoted home delivery.

At home delivery time, you must provide a competent and authorized person to receive the furniture whom you trust and empower to inspect, understand, the responsibilities of inspecting and accepting and signing off on the condition of the furniture order.  This person is fully authorized by you to inspect for defects and damage. If none is noted while delivery persons are present, and nothing is written on the delivery documents indicating condition other than new and in good condition, we have no recourse with the delivery company and your statement that all was received as ordered is final.

You agree to accept the limitations we as a very small business based in Maine face when trying to provide any warranty service outside our local delivery area (within 60 minutes driving time of our store in Scarborough, Maine).

You agree to our privacy policy.