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Michaels finish OCS 113 on Maple

OCS 113 Michaels

OCS means Ohio Certified Stains.

Ohio Certified Stains are consistent from workshop to workshop, permitting the division of labor often seen with the Amish to bring together similar pieces from many different shops around the country (not just Ohio anymore).  

We place many upholstery orders for our consumers, and they most often choose a finish called Chestnut.  OCS 113 Michaels is the Amish community's closest to Chestnutfinish on the sofa legs.The maple used in our hardwood furniture orders built in PA and OH has a lot of streaks of amber, clear, some gray and some reddish tones - sometimes all in the same board.  The OCS 113 Michaels finish is the first of the brown finishes (from lighter to darker) that masks these variations.

Below are images of maple furniture with OCS 113 Michaels finish:

Eency Weency Table Maple OCS 113

Doughty Ridge Full Length Glass Doors