Condo Furniture Appointment Information


New 2020 Summer Hours: Tuesday through Saturday 10-5. Closed Sundays and Mondays.

Please request an appointment to visit the store between 10 AM and 5 PM any day, Tuesday thru Friday: Email  We will be adhering to these guidelines and appreciate your understanding and cooperation to keep you safe.

Prepare to make the most of your visit.

For now, we are:

Seeing customers by appointment only

Not seeing anyone that presents any symptoms of coughs, sniffles, colds, or fever

Requesting every visiting group to provide their name and contact information

Restricting groups to 1-2 people (IMPORTANT: from the same household)

Only one group at a time now, doors are locked while inside to prevent unwanted intrusion of visitors that may not be prepared to follow our safety preparations.

Asking each group to wait before entering so we can clean certain areas before the next visitors enter

Wearing face masks during customer visits

Asking customers to wear their own masks in the store at all times

We will provide new nitrile or latex gloves for you while in the store

We will ask you to apply hand sanitizer over your gloved hands as you enter the store

Keeping windows open and using less air conditioning whenever possible

Deep cleaning all high-touch surfaces several times each day, particularly where and whenever visitors have been


Whatever additional assistance we can provide, from free fabric cuttings, to free pick up and drop off of our sales aids that can't be decided by email...we're more than happy to do.


Ross, Christine and Jane