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November 06, 2017 1 min read

Preparation to make the most of your visit to Endicott Home Furnishings:


Scale drawing of room(s):

Prepare a drawing of the space on ¼” graph paper showing the relevant details of the space you would like to furnish. On ¼” graph paper, each of the squares would be equivalent to 12” x 12”. 

Include the location of:

  • Outlets
  • Lighting
  • Windows
  • Doors
  • Built-in bookcases or cabinetry
  • Areas you need to leave open for access, i.e. heating vents, walk through areas, door sweeps, required egresses

NB: Furniture and other items can easily be estimated and cut out in the same scale, allowing you to place them on the paper and move them around.


Other important measurements:

  • Width and height of every doorway
  • Distance between doorways that are less than 8’ apart
  • Ceiling heights through the areas furniture will be carried or moved


Also useful to note before coming in:

  • Items you intend to leave in the room, or bring into it 
  • the room’s orientation and exposure to natural sunlight. UV sunlight can cause damage and fading to some covers, and we have fabrics that are suitable for sunlit applications.


Photos to bring along:

  • Wall colors and trim
  • Rugs, wood floors, unusual design features we need to work around
  • To discuss feasibility of delivery and fitting the desired furniture into the room where it will go, take photos from the driveway or entryway, (wherever the delivery vehicle would be able to reach), through the pathways, doorways, halls and rooms that the furniture would need to be moved through to get to its final destination.