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May 06, 2016 2 min read

Discounts apply to orders for Condo Sofa and Temple Furniture styles only.

Discounts below are for orders placed July 1-14, 2016:

1 piece order 10% off

2 piece order 15% off

3 or more piece order 20% off

  • Production lead time is 4-6 weeks, sometimes a week or two longer if customizing or applying a leather cover.  We can't promise delivery dates, but we can report how quickly orders in recent weeks have been. If later or specific delivery dates are required, we need that information to be written on the sales order form, and we will do everything we can to help the factory and the transporters meet your needs.
  • All dimensions may vary by an inch or so. Exact adherence to specifications requires our written instructions to the factory to ensure proper QC controls follow through production. These instructions must be written on your sales order form in order to be the basis for any claim to the factory regarding dimensions.
  • Custom changes to upholstery (such as adding or reducing length, seat height, depth, overall height, arm changes, seat cushion or back cushion changes, etc) add to the cost, and are ultimately subject to factory approval; custom changes are excluded from the discounts offered and generally increase lead times by 2-4 weeks depending on complexity.
  • Custom changes may require a higher deposit (75% minimum).
  • Full warranty applies to customized pieces.
  • Delivery may be deferred, but deposit must be paid when order is submitted.
  • Multiple items must ship together to be eligible for discount.


Some floor models may not leave during the sale, please ask if we can let a piece go before its replacement arrives.

Deeply discounted items are sometimes cash, check or debit only and are labeled clearly; checks must clear before merchandise leaves the store.

We can't reserve any floor model item held without a minimum 50% nonrefundable deposit, with the balance due at the time of delivery/pickup (within 2 weeks from deposit date or arrival of the replacement, if applicable).

Floor models and discounted stock items are sold AS-IS, as a FINAL SALE, no exchanges, refunds or returns allowed.

If a sold floor model is damaged, we will make our best effort to repair or replace, depending on availability.