Bisbee Triangle Wood Cocktail Table

  • Bisbee Cocktail Table - ALJ-02-IIF17-0010 This fanciful mid century modern-inspired design is ideal for a larger sectional or open layout, not ideal for narrow rooms. Please refer to dimensions. Contoured edges help prevent nasty shin bruises, and the overall shape provides plenty of surface area while remaining small enough for placing in front of a sensibly sized Condo Sofa or smaller sectional.
  • ALJ-02-IIF17-0010 Bisbee Cocktail Table
    40" W x 27" D x 17-1/8"H Note: This is a larger table than most on this website, and suitable for larger sectional sofas with a large area in the center, or an open seating plan. Not recommended for narrow living spaces where a narrower table would permit better movement between seating and table.
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