Discontinued Infinesse fabrics on floor models

Infinesse Fabrics on certain 2016 Condo Sofa and Temple Furniture Floor Models

This family of fabrics is so exceptional, we made this page to talk about the features and benefits of this fabric, which was our go-to non-toxic, cleanable fabric for years.  Nothing else like it exists on the market now, so we're sad to see these go, but we need to offer examples of what you can order, not frustrate you with such advantages that no other fabrics offer.


  • 100% nylon face does not let anything stick to it, liquid or solid
  • Extreme durability – over 100,000 double rubs
  • OEKO-TEX Certified Standard 100 Non-Toxic
  • Stain protection without chemicals or treatments of any kind
  • Fabric nap does not “track” or show the places where it’s been touched
  • Fade resistant
  • Consumer-serviceable stain cleaning capability – prolonged exposure to moisture is not a problem, i.e. leaving the fabric slightly damp after a spot cleaning. (Most fabrics have a latex backing sprayed on them which can be compromised if the fabric isn’t quickly and thoroughly dried after any cleaning or spill, requiring professional cleaning.)


  • Microfiber fabric is not everyone's favorite
  • Not available in patterns
  • No more fabric is available! The parent company closed January 27, 2016

Images of Pippa fabrics we have floor models in Apple, Taupe, Wine, Mist:

Images of Montego fabrics we have floor models in Ivory, Bone, Yellow, Palm, Bone and Mushroom:


Quantities subject to change at any time. As soon as time permits, we will photograph and add these to our showroom sales section (see under top menu on this website SALE>SHOWROOM MODELS) Please ask us what's still available.