We will maintain our "Limited Open" for only as long as absolutely necessary. For more information, or to make/cancel an appointment, please call 207-883-3264.

Due to mounting concerns for our elder population in this area, we are now limiting access to one group at a time, and permitting that access by appointment only to be certain visitors are as concerned as we are to control virus spread.  Ours is a non-essential business and all of us must do our part to "flatten the curve". 

Latest numbers overnight about the number of new cases indicates we are going to have severe medical shortages of staff, facilities, and treatment soon if more of us do not practice self isolation and distancing.  Therefore we will now tighten a bit further with these measures:


  • all persons must apply hand sanitizer upon entering the store
  • necessary access only, one party of not more than 2 people at a time
  • customers must stay together while practicing voluntary distancing
  • no access to restroom

    Why this change: 

    1. new info re: how long virus lives on different surfaces, including cardboard, (presumably paper,) and impermeable surfaces.

    2. concern for our predominantly older customer base, and all elders we know


    Please stay safe and healthy!

    Thanks, from Ross, Christine and Jane



    We will be open 10-5 Monday through Saturday, our normal business hours.  

    However, for everyone's protection, we will allow no more than two groups of customers (or two separate, distinct parties of shoppers) access inside the store at any one time.

    Appointments are available in 1 hour blocks. Please email to set up an appointment within or outside business hours.

    If requesting a home visit, we will come with gloves and face masks and take any precautions necessary to safeguard consumers' health.  For weeks, we have been sanitizing all door handles, light switches, keys, phones, and keyboards and our bathroom between consumer visits and throughout the day. 

    This new, enhanced precaution of limiting visitors will enable us to sanitize frequently touched surfaces, bathrooms, and sales materials between every set of visitors to ensure we are presenting as clean and disinfected a shopping environment as possible.

    We request that all people who are feeling sick or feverish refrain from entering the store, and if feeling fine, always maintain a distance of 6' from others.  

    We may require visitors to either apply hand sanitizer or begin their visit with a hand wash in the bathroom, which will be sanitized when they leave and before the next party is permitted inside.

    We welcome suggestions and recommendations by email:

    We are grateful for business.  We value everyone's health and safety more.


    Thanks and stay well,

    Ross, Christine, and Jane 

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